Equal employment opportunities: valuing women's work? : a thesis presented in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Social Policy and Social Work at Massey University

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This thesis examines Equal Employment Opportunities (EEO). It looks at the capacity of EEO to re-value women's work. It focuses upon some of the achievements, benefits and costs of EEO for a group of women working in the field of EEO. It does this by drawing upon the literature in the field and upon seven in-depth interviews with women working in EEO in the state sector. It explores the potential of EEO to contribute to change. The research was undertaken in 1990, at a time of relative optimism amongst those working in the field of EEO. The women interviewed had been working as EEO personnel for two years or more, and were instrumental to varying degrees in the remarkable growth of EEO in the state sector in New Zealand. The Employment Equity Act 1990 was passed at the time of the interviews. The thesis then, provides a picture of that period of time. It also goes further to explore the ways in which women are able to take advantage of possibilities for change and extend these to the benefit of all women.
Women's employment, Affirmative action programmes, Equal employment, Women's work, Equal Employment Opportunities (EEO), New Zealand