New Zealand's Nuyarn : MDes exegesis, Textile Design, Massey University, New Zealand

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Massey University
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The purpose of this research is to develop and refine new yarn and knit textile combinations using Nuyarn technology for a selected niche market. New Zealand’s Nuyarn is an industryconnected project with Massey University and Levana Textiles. Levana Textiles is a woolen mill based in Levin with over 50 years industry experience. Through the exploration of trend forecasting, iterative design process, market research as well as finding a gap in the market, this result in unique New Zealand products that can demand a premium price. Nuyarn technology is a new and innovative way of spinning yarn. The technology enhances the yarn performance by taking the twist out, and instead it lays the fibres along the same orientation as the rest of the yarn. Levana Textiles have purchased Nuyarn spinning technology. Through the use of this technology, Levana is producing and introducing innovative and newly improved products into the textile market. This technology is paramount in setting them apart from other textile mills as well as bringing a point of difference in the market. There is a need to achieve smarter performance in blended yarns for circular knitwear apparel. The wool industry endured hard times in previous years due to the rise in demand for synthetic fibres in the 1960s. Wool is now re-emerging with companies focusing on new developments and innovation with the fibre. As a result of intensive research and development, cutting-edge design process and contemporary insight into the industry have enabled Levana to lead the way in the development of new yarn combinations and improved yarn performance through the use of new spinning technology. Resulting in specialty blended yarn and circular knitted fabrics that provide opportunity to target niche markets, high profitability, and increased brand awareness for Levana Textiles.
Woolen and worsted manufacture, Nuyarn, Textile design, Alpaca, Merino, Blended yarn