The healing journey : survivors of ritual abuse : a thesis presented in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Arts in Nursing at Massey University

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This thesis offers a feminist analysis of how women heal from ritual abuse. Ritual abuse has only recently come to public attention, and is currently the focus of considerable debate. Nurses, who are often in the position of caring for women and children who have been ritually abused, have little knowledge of this abuse or how women heal. Feminist theoretical assumptions underpin the case study approach and the data analysis. In depth, unstructured interviews are the primary method of data collection, with some reference to field notes. The data from each participant is presented in separate chapters. The analysis of the data demonstrates that ways that each participant has developed in order to enhance her own healing. The analysis highlights the similarities and differences between the participants. It is suggested that nurses play a critical role in the care of survivors of any abuse, and that nurses have a particularly important role to play as advocates. This study also highlights the strengths that feminist research has to offer nursing research. This research provides valuable knowledge and a source of hope for the participants, myself, other survivors, health professionals, and particularly nurses.
Ritual abuse, Ritual abuse victims, Adult child abuse victims