Exploring archetypes : the creation of a concept album : an exegesis presented in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Creative Enterprise, Massey University, Wellington, New Zealand.

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This exegesis supports the concept album 'Archetypes', produced as part of the Master of Creative Enterprise (MCE) degree. The critical research component of 'Archetypes' explored in this document enquires into the impetus of a concept album as a powerful narrativising instrument for artists within the contemporary economic and cultural context of the music industry. It looks to investigate some of the existing social and political rhetoric in music that has influenced common understandings of the concept album. My vision as a musician has always been to explore and encourage fearless creativity. This has been reinforced through my approaches to production, as well as my branding, marketing and release strategies. Over the last six years I have followed my passion as a producer and music practitioner, often using a mixture of found sound, electronic and analog instruments to create music and live shows that have received success in NZ, and overseas. 'Archetypes', my third album, builds upon this foundation. This album is co-produced by Stew Jackson (known for his work in Massive Attack among other major international acts) and recorded at Massey University's College of Creative Arts recording studios. For this, I have also been awarded a $30,000 music project funding grant by New Zealand On Air to cover some of the production costs. Beyond the manifestation of a recorded work as a dissemination medium, 'Archetypes' takes two other dissemination formats. These are 'Into the Belly of Capricorn', a live show developed for Arts Festivals set to be performed at Auckland Arts Festival and New Zealand Festival in March 2020, and 'Palette of Shadows', a book of poems to be released at the same time as 'Archetypes'. A proponent of my MCE major project involves taking 'Archetypes' to market. The iterations of 'Archetypes' as an album, liveshow and poetry book will allow audiences to uncover and gain access to the contents of 'Archetypes' throughout different perspectives and avenues.