He huarahi kua takahia = The trodden pathways : Kaupapa Maori initial teacher education pedagagy and practice : one teacher's story : a thesis presented in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Doctor of Education at Massey University, Palmerston North

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This thesis examines the early career teaching experiences and reflections of a graduate teacher from Te Whare Wananga o Awanuiarangi and draws on recent developments within Aotearoa New Zealand tertiary education to highlight the impact of Kaupapa Maori-based education, taking into account the outcomes of one of those developments, Kaupapa Maori initial teacher education. The study investigates the special attributes and professional practice of a Maori graduate teacher working in a primary school. The aim is to understand the ways in which this beginning teacher undertook initial teacher education within a Maori-centred programme that was grounded in the principles, values and practices of ako and tikanga. This examination of the graduate teacher’s classroom practice focuses on preparation for a Kaupapa Maori programme leading to an investigation of the perceptions of those responsible for mentoring and supervision support in an identified school. The recording of Maori student voices within this context, highlights the significance of culturally based and informed pedagogy and practice in classrooms, creating positive educational outcomes for Maori. Authentic accounts of the teacher’s lived experiences and professional life also provides positive feedback about the Maori-initiated and driven Kaupapa Maori initial teacher education programme. Such reflections are indicative of the revolutionary changes made by Maori since the language and culture revitalization initiatives of the 1970- 1980s. This period cites Maori initiating and taking charge of their own destiny and creating new pathways, therefore contributing directly to the well-being of New Zealand society. This thesis further contextualises issues of cultural diversity, cultural pluralism and cultural engagement with the education of indigenous minority peoples of a First World country.
Maori teachers, First year teachers, Teacher training, Primary school teaching, Kaupapa Maori