Non-work participation & work attitudes : a test of the expansion model of personal resources mediated by self-efficacy : a thesis presented in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Masters of Arts in Psychology at Massey University

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This study attempted to provide support for Marks' (1977) 'expansion' model as applied to the work-family relationship. Essentially, the model predicted that participation in the non-work domain would enrich our personal resources such as time, energy and commitment It was also hypothesized that these resources would be positively associated with four work attitudes (i.e., organizational commitment, occupational commitment, job satisfaction, and job involvement). Moreover, it was further hypothesized that the resource enrichment - work attitude link would be mediated by self-efficacy. The four work attitudes however, were not correlated with time spent, and involvement in three non-work domains (i.e., parenting, community and recreation/hobby), although the work attitudes were positively correlated with the resource provided by participation in non-work activities. With the failure of self-efficacy to mediate the relationship between resource enrichment and the work attitudes, The overall conclusion therefore, was that the 'expansion' model of the work-family link was not supported. A number of reasons were put forward and discussed, as to why the data failed to support the hypotheses, this included the identification of several limitations. Suggestions for future research into the work-family relationship were then put forward.
Work and family, Job satisfaction, Work attitudes, Job involvement