Methods for new emerging artists : establishing an artist brand : an exegesis presented in partial fulfilment of the degree, Master of Creative Enterprise, Toi Rauwhārangi, Massey University

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Opportunities for new emerging musical artists are both increasing and decreasing within our ever-changing world of emerging technology. Through newly available creative resources, social media, and large communities that the internet has created, the chances for artists to put themselves on and be seen online has rapidly increased. However, due to this increase, the market has become saturated and with that brings a new problem, how can a new emerging artist stand out and make themselves seen in an overly populated and crowded space? This research focuses on the opportunities available for new emerging artists and dives into the creation process and value of three main groups of assets (digital recorded works, live performance, visual media) for a new emerging artist that will help them establish their artist identity and break into the market. Thus, posing the overlying project question: What are the most valuable assets for a new emerging artist to build an artist identity and establish a place within the music scene? This project comprises three main parts: the creative works, the exegesis, and the business plan. The creative work consists of my own group of assets (digital recorded works, live performance, and visual media). Using these works and myself as an emerging singer-songwriter musical artist I use trial and error-based research to discover the most successful assets in both shaping artist identity and physical product. The exegesis component of this research comprises of a deeper look into the current discussions surrounding each asset.
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