Underperformance of information and communication technology in construction organizations : a correlational study between the performance and the strategic alignment : a thesis submitted in fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Philosophy in Building and Construction, Field of Building and Construction, School of Built Environment, College of Science, Massey University, New Zealand

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The construction industry is applying information and communication technology (ICT), but it is evident that it does not realise its full potential and is underperforming, although other sectors are using the benefits of ICT and are extremely successful. Based on that, it is required to study and investigate the underperforming of the construction ICT and identify the problems and challenges leading to underperformance and shortcomings of ICT utilisation in construction organisations. Organisation and ICT alignment remains a top priority for businesses to improve operational efficiencies. Various studies have concluded that applying the strategic alignment model (SAM) in construction organisations can achieve better performance outcomes from the project to the organisation level. A positive connection between the utilisation of ICT and project performance has been established and concluded. However, the effects of ICT infrastructure strategy alignment with the organisational ICT infrastructure on construction organisations' performance have not been investigated. This research evaluates and analyses the importance of the alignment between the ICT infrastructure and the organisational infrastructure to improve the underperforming construction ICT not just at the project level but also at the level of construction organisations. The main objective of this research is to investigate whether the effect of ICT utilisation on project performance may be restricted and affected by its alignment with the ICT infrastructure level in the organisation. This research aims to develop guidance that assists construction organisations in solving the construction industry underperforming, the alignment of ICT in the construction industry, and improve the probability of arriving at a specific alignment solution for the construction organisation by determining the strategic alignment impact between ICT and business on organisational performance of construction organisations. A method of evaluating ICT utilisation in the construction industry and strategic alignment is proposed. The effects of this strategic alignment on project performance are discussed, and recommendations for optimal strategic utilisation are provided. The study is significant as it will introduce to the construction organisations the role of the ICT function, the method of operation of the ICT function and the sourcing options of the ICT function as antecedent variables to the alignment of business and ICT within the organisation. The research follows a practical process to understanding the complexity, challenges and requirements for ICT implementation.
Construction industry, Information technology, Organizational effectiveness, Strategic planning