Refining 'State of the art' : graphical user interface redesign for Gallagher's existing digital product - the "TSi": Master of Design exegesis

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Massey University
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This design research project proposes a new and improved touch screen graphical user interface (GUI) for Gallagher’s on farm animal management product - the “TSi”. The re-design concept aims to develop appropriate design aesthetic treatments, as a foundation for a more attractive, intuitive, easy to use graphical user interface. The intention is to encourage farmers and farm workers to readily engage and exploit the full performance capability of the TSi and to reduce the perceived stigmatism of learning specialist software that requires adopting to new technologies. The design research propose that a GUI enhances the end user experience to create a more desirable and usable product by introducing User Interface (UI) elements and utilising common user scenarios. The research has incorporated end user feedback and co-creative development process with the Gallagher product development and marketing team. The TSi is a revolutionary weigh scale device that allows users to instantly record and access data on individual animals and groups of animals. This allows farmer’s to critically assess livestock performance and enable strategic farm management decisions - in the office, in the yard or elsewhere on the farm. The redesign begins with a thorough critical analysis of the TSi’s existing GUI, identifying issues involved with information and visual hierarchy of elements such as navigation, buttons, text and graphical icons. The methods and processes used include user observation, rapid prototyping and mind-mapping user journeys through a series of workshops done at Gallagher headquarters (Hamilton) and Massey University (Wellington). These are tested methods and processes used within the field of Human Computer Interaction and User Experience design advocated by academics and theorists such as Don Norman, Jakob Nielsen, Jesse James Garrett and Bill Moggridge.
Graphical user interface (GUI) design, Farm management computer program