An exploration of the overall quality of care of Home Enteral Nutrition (HEN) patients in the Counties Manukau district : a thesis in partial fulfilment of requirement for the degree of Master of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics at Massey University, Albany, New Zealand

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The overall quality of care is multifaceted, with quality of life, patient satisfaction, and equity of care all important aspects of the patient experience. Previous research internationally has shown that patients receiving HEN may experience lower QoL and frustrations with HEN services, however the current situation in NZ remains unknown. Therefore, understanding the patient’s overall experience of HEN care is essential for improving health outcomes for this patient group in NZ. This study aimed to explore the experiences of patients receiving HEN care from the Counties Manukau community health teams, firstly by conducting patient surveys assessing QoL, HEN-specific QoL, patient equity and experience data, and collecting demographic data. Secondly, by conducting patient interviews to better understand the patient experience. Finally, by conducting staff focus groups with the dietitians and nurses involved in HEN care to better understand the staff’s perception of life with HEN, and HEN care services . . . This is the first research of its kind in NZ and contributes to filling the research gap in terms of understanding the impact of HEN on patient’s QoL and enabling assessment of patient QoL versus the general NZ population and other HEN populations. This research is also the first in NZ to assess the patient experience within the community setting. It highlights the importance of monitoring outpatient and community patient experiences along with in-patient and primary care patients. These research findings have the potential to enhance service delivery and care for this patient group and can serve as a reference point for future studies on QoL in HEN patients in NZ--From Chapter 4.