Persistency in crested dogstail : its relation to origin, flowering date, seed colour and germination capacity of New Zealand seed samples : thesis for M. Agr. Sc., by "Asteroid" [F. Sydenham]

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Crested dogstail is a valuable pasture grass, and is sown under a wide range of soil conditions. It is essentially a bottom grass. It is very palatable to sheep and thrives well under conditions of continous close grazing. It does not, however, feature to any large extent in dairying land. It shows very great powers of re-establishment by seeding even under adverse seed-bed conditions, and it is this re-establishment which enables it to persist in a pasture for a number of years. Such re-establishment should not occur each Autumn after the plants have seeded and died or are so low in vitality that they remain only as worthless vestiges. This is a weakness of crested dogstail which it is desirable to eliminate. What it requires is a vigorous turf which will, on the advent of Autumn rains, spring into a highly productive sward vigorous enough to check any inferior grasses or weeds which may attempt to gain a footing. [From Introduction]
"Asteroid" is the nom de plume of F. Sydenham
New Zealand, Pastures, Grasses, Seeds