International marketing strategies of Chinese multinationals : the case studies of Haier and Lenovo : a 156.799 research report presented in partial fulfilment of the requirements for a Master of Management in Marketing at Massey University

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Recently, multinationals emerging from transition economics have drawn a great deal of interest from marketing researchers. In particular, Chinese multinationals which have had assistance and encouragement from their government are entering into the international marketplace. It is noticeable that many Chinese multinationals have already performed aggressively in the global market. The aim of this study is to identify the international marketing strategies used by Chinese multinationals and to compare them with the findings of the existing literature. This research adopts a cross case study approach and it will primarily use secondary data collected from multiple sources, such as journal articles, published interviews and Internet databases. A review of the current academic literature on this issue indicates that few studies have been conducted in the area of Chinese multinationals' international marketing strategies. Most of the studies have concentrated on western successful multinationals' internationalisation and marketing strategies. Based on the in-depth analysis of two Chinese multinationals; Haier, and Lenovo; this report serves not only to provide Chinese multinationals with knowledge and information regarding global marketing strategies, but also contributes to the academic literature by emphasising an understanding of how Chinese multinationals compete in global markets.
China, International business enterprises, Export marketing