Strategic flood hazard management : a planning process : case study Horowhenua : a thesis presented in fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Regional Planning at Massey University

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This thesis uses the strategic planning process as a framework to derive a practical planning process for flood hazard management in the Horowhenua. The broad goal of the study is 'To Provide a Better Planning Process for Mitigating Flood Hazards in the Study Area of the Horowhenua.' The strategic planning process is used to develop an action plan for one particular organisation, the Manawatu Wanganui Regional Council, to help mitigate flood hazards in the Horowhenua. However, the principles identified in the process are of use to other organisations and for other geographic areas. A large part of achieving the broad goal of the study was to increase understanding of the flood hazard problem of the Horowhenua area. A large component of this thesis is therefore, the scanning of the environments relevant to the flood hazard problems. These environments include the physical, institutional and behavioural components of the flood hazard problem. From this scanning 'key issues' which help to further understand the problem are identified. These issues are taken into consideration in an action plan for one organisation. The action plan provides a process whereby the issues and the interrelationships between these issues are identified for consideration in flood hazard management. Planners of the organisation can link into the process, as resources become available, with the knowledge that the information they produce and subsequent action taken will link into an overall process. Although the thesis attempts to identify all the issues that need to be considered in a flood hazard management planning process, it still acknowledges that there will always be problems and uncertainties such as political and financial constraints limiting the process.
New Zealand, Flood control, Horowhenua