The plight of Chinese birds : exploring eco-critical visual expressions of endangered Chinese birds : a thesis presented in partial fulfillment of the requirements for a Master in Design at Massey University, Wellington, New Zealand

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While there is an abundant diversity of bird species in China, many species are considered threatened and three of them are regionally extinct. This issue presents an opportunity to educate younger generations about anthropogenic impacts on endangered birds, for instance, pollution, and deforestation to raise eco-awareness. This research from the perspective of an illustrator aims to explore ecocritical visual expressions of endangered Chinese birds to elicit empathetic responses among Chinese teenagers. The design work focuses on six endangered birds in China as case studies to explore methods of visually representing ecological issues affecting birds in a series of illustrations. Different forms of illustration were explored for this project, to ascertain the most feasible method to stimulate youths’ awareness of ecological issues. Through an iterative design process, a webtoon through digital media employing ecological metaphor was considered the most accessible art form for the audience. However, the final visual work is presented in a format compatible with both digital media and traditional print for other applications.
Possibly copyrighted Figures are reused under the NZ Copyright Act 1994 s.42 which provides for the copying of a work for purposes of criticism or review.
ecological awareness, endangered Chinese birds, habitat loss, webtoon