Systematics, bionomics and distribution of the plant bug Nysius huttoni White (Heteroptera : Lygaeidae) : a thesis presented in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Agricultural Science in the University of New Zealand

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Nysius huttoni White, endemic to new Zealand is a member of an almost cosmopolitan genus which shows remarkable adaption throughout the world. As it is the only Nysius species so far recorded from this country, some attention to it is surely due, if for no other reason. There are, however, other valid reasons which prompted this study, ands these are as follows. Relatively little work has been carried out on N. huttoni, there being only one study (by Gurr, 1957) specifically on this insect; the immature stages have not been described; no illustrations of any of the instars either nymphal or imaginal have been published, except for one photomicrograph by Blair and Morrison (1949) of a balsam-mounted image, but it is so distorted as to be unrecognisable; the systematics of the insect has not been fully studied, for Usinger (1945) states that two species may be represented; the number of broods per year is not known, but Myers (1926) states that there is probably more than one. An attempt has been made to elucidate the subject along these lines. Further, the insect occurs in large numbers and is easily caught, which two factors contribute much to the suitability of the insect for study material. Thus N. huttoni presents ample for a general study on the bionomics of an animal [From Introduction]
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New Zealand Insects, Lygaeidae, Ecology, Nysius