Biosystematics of New Zealand longicorn beetle genera Coptomma Newman and Calliprason White (Coleoptera: Cerambycida: Cerambycinae) : a thesis presented in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Masters of Applied Science at Massey University

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A revision of the New Zealand cerambycid genera Coptomma Newman and Calliprason White is made and the scope of these genera is redefined. The genus Navomorpha White is synonymised with Coptomma. Two species. N. textoria and N. philpotti, are synonymised with Coptomma lineata (Fabricius). Four monotypic genera, Stenopotes Pascoe, Drotus Sharp. Pseudocalliprason Broun, and Epheus Broun, are synonymised with Calliprason. As a result of this revision, the present number of species in Coptomma and Calliprason has increased to five, respectively. A new species. C. marrisi, is described for Coptomma. All known species of these two genera are redescribed. A key to species for each genus is given. Terminalia of both sexes are illustrated and described. The phylogeny of all species of these genera is analysed cladistically. The monophyly of Coptomma and Calliprason is confirmed with the former being supported by 5 good synapomorphies and the latter by 11. Subdivisions of each genus are discussed. Biological knowledge of the two genera is summarised except Calliprason elegans and C. costifer. Coptomma is widely distributed in both main islands. Stewart Island and Great Island of the Three Kings Islands; Calliprason is widely distributed in the North Island and the Chatham Islands, rarely in the South Island. The distribution of each species is mapped and discussed.
New Zealand, Beetles -- Classification, Cerambycidae -- Classification