Mauri and the processing of intergenerational trauma by wāhine Māori : a thesis submitted in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Arts Psychology, Massey University, Manawatū (Palmerston North), Aotearoa (New Zealand)

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This Masters thesis explored the relationship between mauri and the processing of intergenerational trauma. There were two research aims: the identification of mauri states within the processing of intergenerational trauma experienced by wāhine Māori; and the investigation of how the identified mauri states shifted throughout trauma processing. Four wāhine Māori participated in this qualitative study utilising semi-structured interviews sharing their lived experiences of intergenerational trauma processing. Kaupapa Māori methodologies grounded and guided the research process that involved implicit and explicit engagement with aspects of wairuatanga (spirituality) and esoteric knowledge. In addition, the mana wahine theory facilitated critical discussions concerning the experience of identifying as wāhine Māori whilst processing trauma. The principal findings suggested the mauri states of mauri moe/noho, mauri rere, mauri oho, mauri tau, hikitia mauri, mauri heke, mauri piki, mauri tu and mauri ora were present during trauma processing. Interpretative phenomenological analysis identified four major processing themes and fourteen subthemes drawn from substantial verbatim quotes. The findings suggested that the wāhine Māori have developed trauma processing strategies that harnessed the characteristics of identified mauri states, effectively processing and integrating their experience of intergenerational trauma. Further, that these strategies and the knowledge rationale are being transmitted intergenerationally. Consequently, the Mauri-Trauma Processing Framework was developed as a system that conceptualises the relationship between mauri and the processing of intergenerational trauma, to better inform trauma processing grounded in the Mātauranga generated from the lived experiences of the wāhine Māori.
Māori Masters Thesis