The human development component in New Zealand bilateral assistance to Indonesia, 1981-1990 : a research project presented in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the Degree of Master of Philosophy in Development Studies at Massey University

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This dissertation examines the extent of the human development component in New Zealand's bilateral assistance (ODA) to Indonesia over the period of 1981-1991. Its central purpose is to assess the level of implementation of New Zealand's 1981 Aid Principles in New Zealand's ODA to Indonesia over the same period. This entails an examination of aid allocation which was accomplished through an examination of official reports and other related publications. Shifts in foreign aid theories have exerted a strong influence on New Zealand's aid philosophy and related policies throughout the whole period of the post-war aid, and the shifts since the early 1980s towards a more humane development focus have had similar influences on New Zealand's approach to development and development aid. This study did not attempt to formulate any hypothesis which was to be tested with data collected from field research. It is primarily a literature research complemented with some analysis of secondary data available on the research topic. Nonetheless, some simple statistical instruments were used to test the findings whenever it was needed. The results showed that there has been only a moderate implementation of the 1981 Aid Principles on human development in New Zealand's ODA to Indonesia over the period of 1981-1991 as a whole. However, it did find that, when the first three years (1981-83) were isolated, the results showed significantly higher indices of human development. The results also showed an overall downward trend in New Zealand's ODA to Indonesia over the decade of 1981-1991 which raises some concern.
Economic assistance, New Zealand -- Indonesia, New Zealand Official Development Assistance, Evaluation