Changing work values? : a study of New Zealand employees in Japanese-owned subsidiaries : a thesis presented in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Business Studies in Management at Massey University

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Culture influences the way in which people work, therefore one's work values are influenced by national culture. An increase in globalisation has occurred, resulting in organisations having to adapt to cultural diversity within and between organisations, countries, and cultures. Japan adopted various production systems developed in the United States to rebuild their economy after World War II. Japan has since become an economic superpower, establishing operations in other countries, and transferring the same successful systems and techniques into other cultures. This research illustrates the influence of Japanese production systems and management techniques on the work values of New Zealand employees in two Japanese-owned subsidiaries. The findings indicate that while Japanese production systems and management techniques have been implemented within two participating subsidiaries, the influence of these systems tends to reinforce traditional work values rather than change them.
Industrial management, Comparative management, Corporate culture, Intercultural communication, Japan, New Zealand