The potential for increased production on sheep farms in Wairoa County : thesis presented in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Agricultural Science in Massey University

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Wairoa County, which lies over the boundary of Hawkes Bay and Gisborne land Districts, on the east coast of the North Island, covers 878,700 acres. This area includes 654,000 acres of steep hills and high plateau land. Substantially similar hill .country, estimated to cover 525,000 acres, lies outside the northern and south western County boundaries. The locations of these areas are shown in the map in Figure 2.1. Farming in the County is predominantly pastoral. This area of more than half a million acres of hill country clearly warranted a farm management study, since little was known about the possible increases in production, the farming problems on which further research was needed, or the requirements for the additional resources, extension activities and incentives necessary for the attainment of potential production increases. A farm management study of Wairoa County was originally suggested by the executive of the East Coast Farmers' Fertiliser Co.Ltd. On being approached, farmer organisations in the County expressed interest and support for the proposed study. Subsequently, the New Zealand Department of Agriculture became concerned with the study and agreed to sponsor it by providing the author's salary, accommodation, and transport. Work on the study commenced in April, 1965. The original proposition called for a study of all farming in Wairoa County. There is, however, a distinct difference between the dairy and fat lamb farming systems followed on the flat and rolling areas, and the management of sheep/cattle breeding farms on the steeper hill country. It was decided to carry out a reasonably comprehensive study of the hill country farming 7 rather than make a more superficial appraisal of all farming systems in the County. [From Introduction.]
Sheep ranches, New Zealand, Wairoa County, Farm management, Hill farming