Statiqx : a prototype web application for the use of quantitative analysis in interactive product development : an exegesis presented in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Design, Massey University, Wellington, New Zealand

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Great design increasingly requires great research. Similar to other research methods, the field of interactive product research is divided into two broad categories: qualitative research and quantitative research. Researchers can choose different research tools based on their research objectives and the type of data they wish to collect. Qualitative research can answer relatively macro questions such as "what" and "why," but is usually not considered to be a source of statistical data. The quantitative method can answer questions such as “how much” and can accurately present trends related to the problem. To support the design proposal this exegesis surveys practitioners to analyze and summarize current views and methods relating to quantitative research in the field of interactive product design. The survey conducted shows that design practitioners generally have a positive attitude towards quantitative research, but at the same time there is a shortfall in their understanding, for instance, relating to ease of conducting in-depth quantitative studies. This exegesis introduces the Statiqx quantitative analysis tool to improve user experience designs for interactive products. Statiqx integrates the current mainstream statistical methods and can automatically choose statistical methods based on the user's goals. Users only need to upload the original data, such as a system usability scale (SUS), net promoter score (NPS) questionnaire, or usability test measurements to immediately gather results. The results not only include some common and simple calculations, but also specialist statistical calculations, such as median, confidence interval, confidence, regression analysis, correlation, etc. These statistical analysis results generated by Statiqx aim to help the interactive product team make better decisions or carry out further in-depth analysis. The whole process does not require users to know how to use any mathematical formula in Excel or more complex professional statistical software, nor does it require users to understand the principle and algorithm behind the formula. This greatly reduces the operational difficulty of quantitative analysis. Statiqx is suitable for novice and non-professional user experience practitioners who want to conduct quantitative analysis.
benchmarking, UX, interaction design, quantitative research, SUS, A/B test, HCI