To represent the sex of angels : trans/poetics : an exegesis presented in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Fine Arts at Massey University, Wellington, New Zealand

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This exegesis utilises writer Rebekah Edwards’ definition of ‘trans-poetics’ as a methodology for the creation of performative and moving image artworks. The linguistic categories within transpoetics are transcribed through a creative practice, valuing language for its multiplicity, ambiguity and limitations. The projects outlined in this exegesis focus on queer and trans histories lifted from archival documentation. Trans-poetics are employed to circumvent and rearticulate the problematic legacy of queer and trans representation. The aim of this research is to utilise and push beyond the established oeuvre of queer autoethnographic work. To take the waters (2017) and Hardening (2017) are two moving image works formed in response to the life and events surrounding the internment of Hjelmar Von Danneville on Matiu Somes Island in 1917. As works of significance, they are clear distillations of modes and methods of transpoetics used in response to narratives within historical material.
Content removed due to copyright restrictions: Figure 4: Tsang, W., 2014, The Shape of a Right Statement, Installation view, NOGUERAS BLANCHARD, Mardrid. Retrieved from: ; Figure 7: Photographer unknown, 1914-1917, Dr von Dannevill October 1914 - June 1917, NZ Archives. Retrieved from: ; Figure 8: Weems, C., 2006, from the series Roaming, Photograph. Retreived from: ; Figure 10: Mesiti, A., 2014, In the Ear of a Tyrant, Installation view,19th Biennale of Sydney, Art Gallery of NSW. Photograph: Sebastian Kriete. Retrieved from:
Aliyah Winter, Criticism and interpretation, Transgender people in art, Gender nonconformity, Video art, Performance art