Biophysical insights into modulating lipid digestion in food emulsions

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During the last decade, major scientific advances on understanding the mechanisms of lipid digestion and metabolism have been made, with a view to addressing health issues (such as obesity) associated with overconsumption of lipid-rich and sucrose-rich foods. As lipids in common foods exist in the form of emulsions, the structuring of emulsions has been one the main strategies for controlling the rate of lipid digestion and absorption, at least from a colloid science viewpoint. Modulating the kinetics of lipid digestion and absorption offers interesting possibilities for developing foods that can provide control of postprandial lipaemia and control the release of lipophilic compounds. Food emulsions can be designed to achieve considerable differences in the kinetics of lipid digestion but most research has been applied to relatively simple model systems and in in vitro digestion models. Further research to translate this knowledge into more complex food systems and to validate the results in human studies is required. One promising approach to delay/control lipid digestion is to alter the stomach emptying rate of lipids, which is largely affected by interactions of emulsion droplets with the food matrices. Food matrices with different responses to the gastric environment and with different interactions between oil droplets and the food matrix can be designed to influence lipid digestion. This review focuses on key scientific advances made during the last decade on understanding the physicochemical and structural modifications of emulsified lipids, mainly from a biophysical science perspective. The review specifically explores different approaches by which the structure and stability of emulsions may be altered to achieve specific lipid digestion kinetics.
Food emulsions, Lipid digestion, Postprandial lipaemia, Digestion, Emulsions, Food, Humans, Lipids, Particle Size
Acevedo-Fani A, Singh H. (2022). Biophysical insights into modulating lipid digestion in food emulsions.. Prog Lipid Res. 85. (pp. 101129-).