Te Ara Whakamana: Mana Enhancement framework in the mahi (work) of New Zealand psychologists' : a thesis presented in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Arts in Psychology at Massey University, Manawatū, New Zealand

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This study explores Te Ara Whakamana: Mana Enhancement framework, an emotional regulation and behavioural modification tool, which is centred in te ao Māori (the Māori world). This research looks at the experiences of the psychologists who use the model in various work contexts with both Māori and non-Māori clients. This was done by recounting the experiences of psychologists who participated in training for the model and are utilising the framework in practice with clients, have done so in the past, or are planning to do so in the future. Interviews allowed participants to explore how they are using the model, and what are its strengths and potential barriers. Further, this study aims at describing the key ideas that emerged while practitioners were engaging Te Ara Whakamana: Mana Enhancement. A qualitative approach was selected as the research method for this study, utilising eleven semi-structured interviews. The research findings indicate that psychologists value learning about Māori mental health models and are looking for frameworks that can enrich their cultural competence. Psychologists who are using the model found it to be helpful in their practise and those who were unable to use it expressed an interest in returning to the model or using it when their circumstance allow. Structural issues within organisations were identified as some of the possible barriers to the model.