Māori literature : ngā waiata haka a Hēnare Waitoa o Ngāti Porou

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This is the first thesis for the degree of Master of Arts to be written in Māori. By rights, many more should have been written in Māori, but because University regulations and policies are Pākehā orientated, Māori takes second place to English. In the past, it may have been appropriate for ideas to have been presented in English in the Universities, because during those days there was no-one really competent in the subtleties of Māori expression and Māori thought teaching in the Universities. Today however, there are many experts in Māori language, and so it appears obvious that this is the time to insist on theses being presented in Māori. In presenting his thesis in Māori, Te Kapunga (or Koro) has elevated the status of the language in the Pākehā academic field. Pākehā regulations are most frustrating! We have had the experience of one University who will publish Māori material only for its own use. Because of this attitude, the teachinq and research of Maori language and culture suffers. It suffers, because much literature, history and data has not been published, since the raw material is stored in archives and libraries, or in the possession of families, individuals and groups. Therefore, teachers of Māori look at what is available from their colleagues, and in true Māori custom expect that the material be shared, irrespective of place of employment. The obstacle to our sharing material is the inflexibility of Pākehā regulations and policies. I am therefore led to ask - how can we remove the shackles of the Pākehā regulations, which restrict the availability of Māori material? Perhaps a separate printing establishment should be set up to print and distribute Māori material for all who may be interested. Let time bring forth ideas, to direct our collective action in the future. Pākehā consistently (as though proverbially!) ask teachers of Māori and those elevating the status of Māori to the highest academic levels, "Where is your literature, song-poetry and your publications?" Te Kapunga's book is one answer to that proverb. A host of other answers (oral and written literature) lies with families, in archives and libraries, awaiting the time when the students of Rangi and Papa can begin their research on Māori manuscripts etc. exposing the contents thereof to the light of day. These things will thus become treasures for us and for future generations. [FROM FOREWORD]
In Maori language
Tuhinga kōrero, Tuhinga whakapae, Māori Thesis te Reo Māori, Waitoa, Hēnare