Reflections on the vanishing pool : a re-examination of the learn-to-swim experience : a written component completed in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Design at Massey University College of Creative Arts, Wellington, New Zealand

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This Master of Design study develops a mobile learn-to-swim facility for use in New Zealand primary schools. The design seeks to address both the physiological and psychological needs of young children who are learning to swim while promoting children’s confidence and excitement throughout their interaction and experience of the space. As a personal response to the issues of declining access to learn-to-swim pools for New Zealand School children, I examine and analyse traditional and contemporary pools. An iterative process of design exploration developed an overall design solution. Further focused design addressed the user-experience of entering the pool. The design maximises the engagement of children with the learn-to-swim process by addressing a number of the stress factors associated with the swimming pool environment. A criteria set is developed for a learn-to-swim pool that is effective in terms of provision of learn-to-swim education, and affective in terms of generating positive emotional response from its users. This design-led research project suggests a pool space that is responsive to a range of users’ swimming abilities, learning styles and emotional confidence.
Swimming pool design, Mobile swimming pools, Swimming education, Primary school swimming pools