The alcohol industry-A commercial determinant of poor health for Rainbow communities

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BACKGROUND: Alcohol use is an area of challenge for health promotion internationally. The alcohol industry operates as a key commercial determinant of health in that its actions contribute to alcohol misuse, resulting in a range of health and social harms to individuals, families and communities. Rainbow people (including those who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or gender diverse) are one group experiencing considerable harm from alcohol use. METHODS: Data from 24 focus groups involving 131 people held in six cities in New Zealand during 2018, were used to explore local understandings of the ways in which the alcohol industry operates as a commercial determinant of health for Rainbow communities. The focus group discussions were analysed thematically. RESULTS: Three key themes were identified. First, the alcohol industry was identified as present in the 'everyday', through targeted alcohol promotion to Rainbow people, and due to the centrality of bars to their social and cultural landscapes. Second, participants recognised the benefits of alcohol industry support for Rainbow communities. Last, an opposing view was articulated, with the alcohol industry and its commercial activities viewed negatively. CONCLUSIONS: These findings highlight that alcohol as a commodity and the alcohol industry are successfully and firmly embedded within Rainbow communities. Overall, given alcohol is widely regarded in a positive way, this is likely to create difficulties for health promotion efforts to reduce alcohol related harm in these communities.
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LGBTQ, alcohol drinking, bisexual, gay, lesbian, promotion of health, social determinants of health, transgender
Adams J, Asiasiga L, Neville S. (2022). The alcohol industry-A commercial determinant of poor health for Rainbow communities.. Health Promot J Austr. Early View. (pp. 1-7).