Five factor model personality attributes and sales performance in the New Zealand broadcasting industry : a thesis presented in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Arts in Psychology at Massey University

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Meta-analysis on the dimensions and sub-dimensions of the Big Five taxonomy has shown that some are valid predictors of sales performance. This study further investigates these findings in relationship to sales performance within the New Zealand radio broadcasting industry. Whilst it is important to understand the personality attributes operationally associated with successful broadcasting sales performance, it is equally important to understand the attributes that the broadcasting industry experts see as required for success in this position. Using the Personality-Related Position Requirements Form (PPRF), a job analysis tool, 9 broadcasting sales experts (SMEs) rated the importance of 12 personality constructs for successful broadcast sales performance. Then using the NEO Personality Inventory, 58 New Zealand broadcast sales persons (29 high performers/29 average/low performers) were assessed to determine group differences in personality traits. As with previous studies, the Big Five dimension of Conscientiousness (C) predicted high sales performance (rpb =.38). Two of the top three personality sub-sets of the PPRF also aligned to C. Two sub-facets of each of C, Extroversion (E) and Neuroticism (N) were also tested. Of these, Achievement Striving (C4) and Activity (E4) had significant positive correlations with high sales performance (rpb =. 41 and rpb = .32 respectively). Results showed that whilst some broad dimensions of the Big Five may have predictive abilities, sub-facets within them vary considerably in their predictive power. Hence, for selection purposes, it is important to ascertain which of these narrower traits are required for the role first, and then use these requirements to guide assessments of individual candidate for future validation studies.
Personality tests, Radio advertising, Selling