A preliminary investigation into the root systems of perennial ryegrass (Lolium perenne) and white clover (Trifolium repens) using a prescribed sampling method for the study

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The roots of' plants are the least known, least understood and least appreciated part of the plant." Weaver end Bruner. The fundamental importance of an extensive, well developed and healthy root system cannot be over emphasised. It must hold the plant firmly in the ground, provide a large effective absorptive area through which ample nutrients will become available for growth, and, by penetrating deeply, or by building up reserves, it must protect plant against the exigencies of a dry season. The study of the roots then, important as they are, would appear to have been unduly neglected when one considers the amount of research carried out using as a basis some above ground feature of the plant. In this connection W.F. Loehwing ( 1) may be quoted - "As one surveys the monumental literature dealing with crop production, the small fraction thereof devoted to roots and the absorption processes seems entirely out of prorortion to their importance. [From Introduction]
Ryegrasses, White clover, Pastures, White clover Roots, Ryegrasses Roots