Being a kite : an interactive narrative exhibition in the Weifang Kite Museum : a thesis presented in partial fulfilment of the requirements for a Master in Design at Massey University, Wellington, New Zealand

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The kite is the primary cultural heritage artefact of Weifang City in China, representing key points in history and historical change. The Weifang Kite Museum is responsible for developing and continuing traditional culture, displaying the kite as cultural heritage and various related collections in a traditional exhibition framework. However, as young visitors have declined recently, its curatorial approach and philosophy have faced significant challenges. This research aims to generate more interest and enthusiasm among young visitors for Weifang Kite Museum’s traditional exhibition, aiming to transform the existing single exhibition strategy into a holistic narrative interactive experience exhibition. Through this strategy, the background narrative and significance of the kite are explored, encouraging young people to better understand traditional cultural heritage and understand the purpose of sustainable development. This project bases its innovation exhibition strategy of the Weifang Kite Museum on Philip Hughes’ exhibition design framework. It combines the cultural background and dynamic trajectory of kites, supporting a new narrative space to enhance the interactive and emotional experience of the younger visitor. The project presents a new exhibition masterplan that connects a storytelling route from the entrance to the exit while highlighting the experience’s sensory elements. This project offers an immersive narrative experience different from the previous exhibition strategy, as it seeks new inspiration and reflection on the exhibition framework of traditional cultural heritage in practice. As a sustainable development plan, it aims to encourage young groups to enter Weifang Kite Museum, become a carrier of traditional cultural transmission, and enhance the sense of national identity. This project offers design insights for the preservation of traditional cultural heritage beyond the Weifang Kite Museum strategy.
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traditional Chinese kites, cultural heritage, narrative space, interactive experience, exhibition design