The horizontally applied taping system (HATS) : the development of adhesive tape for a tape-sealed packaging system : a thesis submitted to the College of Sciences, Institute of Technology and Engineering, Massey University, Palmerston North, New Zealand, in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Technology in Packaging Technology

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This project details the work done to develop testing methods for adhesive tapes for a tape-seal packaging system for selection at Graphpak Services Limited in Palmerston North, New Zealand. The company developed and patented a tape-sealing system for corrugated cartons that requires the use of pressure sensitive tape. The system is used for sealing cartons for export for the meat and fisheries industry. The tape is applied horizontally around the case with a circular tape head that deforms to conform to the varying surface layers of a case with an overlapping lid. thus securing the lid to the base. Existing packaging tapes were tested for minimum strength properties and its effectiveness for use with corrugated board. The storage conditions of export goods require a substantial time spend in cooler temperatures, thus an adhesive tape functional at a large range is favoured. The selection of The Sellotape® brand of freezer grade tape was made as an all-round performer on the experiments conducted. To export goods representing New Zealand, the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry logo must be visible on the carton. The tape is intended to replace the seal by incorporating the logo on the tape by the means of print. The compatibility of ink on the adhesive tape was investigated and results show that it was most feasible to print on the tape backing substrate. To deter unscrupulous operators from reusing the carton for black market resale, the carton must be tamper evident. Tests also investigated the conditions needed for a strong adhesive bond to delaminate the corrugated fibre material upon removal of the tape. It was discovered that the treatment of hot air blown on sealed tape produced a tighter seal as well as more fibre tear. Security features such as bar-coding is highly recommended, and when required the use of microchips implanted in the carton will allow for traceability. The use of the brand Sellotape for the proposed tape will reduce costs as the tapes are New Zealand made. The combination of the tape-sealed packaging system and the proposed adhesive tape is an innovative way to incorporate a method of carton closure for waste reduction and a tamper proof international export requirement all in one, a special way to represent the New Zealand export industry.
Testing Adhesive tape, Seals (Closures), Packaging