Maori language teaching : the development, implementation and evaluation of two teaching resources : a thesis as part fulfilment of the requirements for MPhil, Massey University

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The study backgrounds the present position of Māori language in New Zealand society, and argues the importance of second language learners achieving high proficiency for the survival and maintenance of the language. On the basis of the researchers experience in Māori language teaching, and the feedback received from some of his students, two teaching resources are developed. They are trialled in four secondary schools over a period of four months, and evaluated. One of the resources is a set of twenty short stories recorded onto cassette tape, each with an associated activity card and answer card. The other is an interactive resource for the teaching and practice of pronouns and possessive pronouns. Theoretical arguments are developed as to the importance of listening comprehension, interactive learning activities, and learner empowerment in developing proficiency in second language learners of Māori. The action research methodology is used in this study. It is argued that this is appropriate in terms of a Māori view of research, and as an approach to researching second language acquisition. The thesis concludes with a series of recommendations based on the findings in the areas of resource development for Māori language teaching, teacher development, school development, and suggestions for furher research.
Text in Maori and English
Maori language, Maori language teaching