Sport marketing and the internet : in what ways does the web site contribute to marketing and management in sport organisations : a 152.787 (75 point) masters thesis presented in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Masters of Business Studies in Sport Management at Massey University

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The present study examined the contribution of the Internet and web site to the marketing and management of sport organisations. It was found that the positive effects of the Internet and web site outweighed the negative for sport organisations. The Internet has experienced tremendous growth and widespread appeal, has advantages over other traditional forms of marketing and can offer information directly to the target audience. A sample of 73 International Sport Organisation official web sites from Australia, Great Britain and North America was surveyed to measure web site practices. A web-based questionnaire and evaluative survey collected quantitative and qualitative information from this sample. The results were analysed, together with literature theories and findings of previous studies, to suggest a framework of 20 recommended best practices that all sport organisations and teams should follow to maximise the effectiveness for the marketing and management of the web site. These best practices were grouped by seven web site areas: management, design, content, interactivity, electronic commerce, marketing and security. The web site practices of a sample of fourteen New Zealand Sport Organisations were then tested against this framework. Organisations were surveyed to measure New Zealand web site practices using the same web-based questionnaire and evaluative survey. It was found that the majority of New Zealand Sport Organisations were currently following the framework of best practices suggested. Thus, the framework of 20 best practices was determined as appropriate for New Zealand Sport Organisations.
New Zealand, Internet marketing, Management, Sports