Bowling along : a design model for a small business niche market : a thesis submitted for the degree of Master of Design at Massey University, Wellington, New Zealand

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Lawn bowls is an outdoor sport which can be played all year round on a rink of either grass or astro-turf. Traditionally the game has attracted older or more mature players as it is a non contact, low impact and social sport but in recent years younger people are also enjoying the game. Since Sports TV has hit the screen, many sporting codes have made radical changes to their dress code and their game to make it more exciting for television viewers to watch. Little investigation has been carried out into the changes in the style of dress for law n bowls. Although there is still a need to conform to dress requirements for competition play, in recent years logos in club colours have been printed onto the traditional white shirts. This study evaluates a number of design models used in the production of apparel. A preliminary model was created and used to develop a set of clothing for women lawn bowlers based on information gathered from the target market, available literature and visual analysis of clothing worn for lawn bowls in New Zealand over the period 1940 to 2006. The clothing was wear trialled and results evaluated and reflected upon. Through design practise, a new design model is created that is particularly relevant to small businesses manufacturing ergonomically designed sports apparel for a niche market,
New Zealand, Sport clothes for women -- Design, Lawn bowls -- Social aspects