Vocational and educational aspirations and expectations : a Zanzibar, Tanzanian survey : a thesis presented in fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Masters in Education at Massey University

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This study attempted to examine the educational and vocational aspirations of Form III students in the three regions of Zanzibar Island (Tanzania). Data was collected from a questionnaire administered to 340 students from 14 different schools. The data was processed by computer and eight hypotheses concerning the effects of gender, geographical location and socio-economic status were examined. The results revealed: that educational and vocational aspiration was very high; intention to continue with higher education was associated with scholastic performance; but the level of education aspired to and the reasons for continuing with education, had very little relationship with the choice of jobs. Aspirations were found to be higher than expectations, therefore, jobs expected tended to be lower in status than those aspired to. It was also found that female aspirations both educational and vocational were lower than male aspirations. Females also indicated lower parental encouragement than did males. In the choice of jobs, females showed some measure of limited choice .... to teaching, nursing and clerical jobs. Males showed more understanding of the "reality" of the job market than girls. Urban/rural differences were not very clearly observed, except with respect to parental encouragement. Urban students also showed a wider range in their choice of occupations. Comparisons of the three regions indicated that students in the North had higher educational and vocational aspirations. Socio-economic status was found not to be very predictive by itself. However, certain effects were observed when region and gender were taken in conjunction with it. Some explanation of the results was attempted and some implications were drawn.
Some Swahili/Kiswahili throughout.
Tanzania -- Zanzibar, Student aspirations, Vocational interests