Hauturu, or, Little Barrier : its history, geology and botany : a thesis presented in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Agricultural Science at Massey University

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This thesis is a preliminary attempt to draw together the strands of information available regarding the Little Barrier Island with particular reference to the forest covering of the island. While certain sections such as that dealing with the history of the island may appear to have little refer­ence to the botanical aspect, it was found that the influence of human occupation on the vegetation had been not inconsiderable and it was necessary to collect such information in order to form a clear conception of its possible influence. In the same way the geology, soils and climate of the island were found to have a definite place in the description of the forest covering, the distribution of plant species on the island and their relation to the general distribution of plant forms in the region of the Hauraki Gulf. [From Foreword]
"Chef" is the non de plume of W M Hamilton
Best copy available. Print thesis containing original photographs may be consulted.
Little Barrier Island NZ, Natural history