Towards a restructuring of racing activity : a classification based investigation into supply and demand aspects of service provision in the North Island : a thesis in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Arts in Geography at Massey University

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The research problem involves the classification of Racecourses in the North Island. The problem evolved because of inertia exhibited by the Racing Clubs in their location compared to the rapidly changing space-economy of the North Island. The service sector, the general conceptual environment of the Racing Industry is analysed on a general and then specific theoretical basis. The importance of population thresholds, economies of scale, and distance are explored. Emphasis is placed on examining possible growth strategies for the activity. Behavioural and market area analysis which is also important to this type of study were not used because of insufficient data. Two main areas of concern were studied in depth. They were, firstly the establishment of a classification of Racecourses, and the testing of the results of the classification against certain hypothesised relationships (dealing with population and course capital investment). Secondly and on the basis of the earlier results the training function was examined. The concepts of distance, and scale economies were explored by using the transportation problem. The positive results obtained in the analysis have implications in the type of policies which may be used to guide Racing activity. The results from the investigation of the training function points to the importance of each particular situation and hence a more specific investigative frame is necessary in any further examination of this function.
New Zealand North Island, Horse racing