The structure of elite sport in New Zealand : a critical examination of sport academics and institutes : this thesis is presented in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Business Studies in Sport Management and Coaching at Massey University

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Sport has a significant impact on New Zealand society. In contemporary society there are few people who do not directly or indirectly encounter elements of sport in their daily lives. Performances by New Zealand athletes at the highest level are nationally recognised and instil a sense of national pride. The purpose of this research was to examine the structures in place for the development of elite athletes in a number of countries and in particular Australia, to determine the optimal structures for elite sport development for New Zealand. Qualitative methodologies, in the form of interviews and questionnaires, were used in order to elicit perceptions on the Australian and New Zealand models of elite sport development. The research concluded that a decentralised but integrated structure for the development of elite sport would be optimal for the New Zealand context.
Sports administration, Sports and state, New Zealand