Art teaching : making a difference in low decile schools : a thesis submitted in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Education at Massey University

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Students in low socio-economic schools are over-represented in the group of students who leave school without a qualification. An analysis across seventy New Zealand secondary schools reveals Year 11 examination success in low socio-economic schools that is consistently higher in art than in other subjects. Performance at Year 11 in the Auckland/ North Auckland region for the 2000 School Certificate art exam shows that these students are able to achieve at similar rates in art to medium and high decile schools. This thesis outlines the political and socio-economic culture of Aotearoa/ New Zealand's low SES schools where the study was conducted. The selection of the teachers and the research process is described, and comparisons made to relevant literature. The findings draw from a data set of interviews identifying common teacher attitudes and beliefs which are introduced and elucidated. The study seeks to make visible, the ways in which art teachers enhance examination success by examining the beliefs, attitudes and reported practices of three highly successful teachers.
Art teachers, Attitudes, Study and teaching (Secondary), New Zealand