Personality and behavioral factors related to drink-driving among young males : a thesis presented in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Arts in Psychology at Massey University

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The study aimed to replicate the findings of research which highlighted a number of personality and behavioural variables that effect an individuals drink-driving frequency, and intoxication level while driving. These variables are aggression, sensation seeking, self-rated driving style and skill, driving related anger, and alcohol consumption. The studies sample (N = 129) was made up entirely of 20 - 24 year old males. This group has been shown to drink-drive more frequently than any other age group in New Zealand, and males drink-drive significantly more than females. Results showed that physical aggression, verbal aggression, alcohol consumption and risky driving style were correlated with drink-driving intoxication level. However, once a regression analysis was employed it was discovered that only alcohol consumption level had significant predictive validity in relation to drink-driving intoxication level. The more a participant drank the more likely they were to drive when drunk. Overall, the results tend to question how much impact the personality variables studied really have on the frequency of drink-driving. Assumptions in relation to the findings, and implications future research on factors effecting drink-driving, are also discussed.
Psychological aspects, Automobile drivers, Drunk driving, New Zealand, Young men -- Alcohol use