The philosophical psychology of spiritual metamorphosis : a thesis presented in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Philosophy in Psychology at Massey University

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THE PHILOSOPHICAL PSYCHOLOGY OF SPIRITUAL METAMORPHOSIS is a treatise written in the style of narrative fiction but which traces the factual events of the opening of the awareness of one individual through his growth and the transformation of his consciousness. In content, the style of the treatise is one of case study incorporating dialogue, description, and self examination and analysis. It explores delicate areas of consciousness in a manner which is devoid for the most part of intellectual enquiry and comparison and which relies to a large extent on the direct experience of the individual for its own analysis. Chronologically, the time covered is approximately five years of the life of the writer and the description thereof is written in the third person to facilitate and afford an objective view and manner of observation. The material covered is explicit and replete with specific description of mystical experiences including conscious separation from physical body, inner conversations with persons occupying planes other than the physical, the effects of meditation and spiritual activity on the physical body and emotions, and conversations with Holy Men, and the trials of the protagonist in dealing with and relating the experiences and growth to activity in the everyday life of the world. The writer was born and educated in the United States in English Literature and Law and practiced law in private practice for six years before beginning an independent study which is the subject of the treatise. He now lives in New Zealand.
Self-perception, Spirituality, Sands, Terry