An analysis of the job of farm manager in a corporate farming venture : a thesis presented in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Agricultural Science in farm management at Massey University

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The development of corporate farming in New Zealand has lead to the enhancement of the occupational category "Professional Farm Manager". A review of literature on farm labour revealed that little research has been done on the job of Farm Manager. It was hypothesized that a technique commonly used in industrial psychology. Job Analysis, would provide useful information on the job of Farm Manager. The research was carried out using the Morton-Read Farming Corporation as a case study. The small sample size had implications for the survey results obtained. A job description and selection criteria for Farm Managers in the Morton-Read Farming Corporation was developed. Job Analysis was found to have potential for describing the job of Farm Manager. As a result of the research, problems with the method were identified. It was included that to further define the job of Farm Manager, and develop useful selection criteria, more information needs to be gathered about the cognitive aspects of the job. This is of particular importance when considering the role of the Farm Manager in the on-farm implementation of the Farming Corporation's policy.
Farm managers, Job descriptions, Farm management