Perceptions of performance feedback for an Incredible Years trained teacher : a thesis presented in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Educational Psychology at Massey University, Albany, New Zealand

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The Incredible Years Teacher Classroom Management (IYTCM) programme, developed by Webster-Stratton, is delivered to New Zealand teachers as part of an initiative promoting positive behaviour in the education sector. The IYTCM incorporates evidence-based practices that have demonstrated effective and favourable outcomes for students and teachers. Teachers are able to create positive and nurturing learning environments through regular and accurate use of pro-active strategies and appropriate behaviour management practices. In turn, these environments can prevent and/or reduce adverse life outcomes for students. Performance feedback (PFB) was assessed as a support mechanism to enhance implementation of IYTCM command strategies. The use of a mixed methods design with an intervention trial, contributed to the exploration and establishment of value-oriented findings. By integrating methods, data and, analysis of qualitative and quantitative approaches, this research, (a) facilitated awareness for the teacher on their classroom management practices, (b) identified contextual factors that resulted in confounding effects on implementation; (c) underscored the teacher’s perceptions of credibility in relation to PFB consultants; and (d) considered the effects of the teacher’s perceived efficacy in classroom management. A concurrent examination of the findings produced insights into factors that may facilitate and/or hinder PFB, such as, attitudes toward practices, and degree of behavioural control. It was concluded that the combination of (i) teacher’s perceived efficacy; (ii) incongruence of IYTCM strategies with current practices; and (iii) poor knowledge to facilitate attitudinal change, may have impeded the teacher’s intentions to use IYTCM practices. The teacher’s perceptions and experiences present in this research have implications for the delivery and sustainability of classroom management practices, as well as efforts to ensure favourable outcomes for students.
Material from Appendix A redacted due to copyright restrictions. Adapted from: Webster-Stratton, C. (2012). Incredible Years Teacher Classroom Management pyramid framework. Retrieved from
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