Determining the efficacy of organic insecticides and synergists against a range of representative insect and mite pests using a Potter Tower : a thesis presented in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Masters of Science in Zoology at Massey University

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A variety of insecticidal formulations were examined for their efficacy against a range of insects under laboratory conditions using a Potter Tower technique. The insecticides Yates Pyrethrum, Eco-oil, Defender, Orchex, Confidor, Agrimec, Encapsulated Pyrethrum, Encapsulated Pyrethrum and Neem, Azatin, NeemAzal, as well as a combination of the insecticides Azatin plus Eco-oil were tested at both the half as well as the full recommended field rate against a range of insect pests. In addition, the ability to synergise natural pyrethrum by some or all of the natural compounds including sesame oil, the crystalline extract of a sesame oil crude extract, dillapiole, and the synthetic synergist PBO, in spray emulsions at a variety of rates and ratios was examined in tests against the pea aphid Acyrthosiphon pisum, passionvine hopper (Scolypopa australis), greenhouse thrip, and lightbrown apple moth. Confidor and Yates Pyrethrum gave marked control ( i.e. mortality > 80%) of the greatest number of test species including the aphid, thrip and mealybug and two of the moth species for Confidor and all of the moth, aphid and thrip species for Yates Pyrethrum. It is suggested that the use of the synthetic synergist PBO could be replaced by the natural synergists including dillapiole, as well as the crystalline extract of a sesame oil crude extract at the highest ratio that was tested against the pea aphid, passionvine hopper, and lightbrown apple moth. Results with greenhouse thrip and tomato fruit worm were inconclusive. A complete summary of the results is given in abstract form for each of the three parts of this dissertation.
Botanical insecticides, Insecticides, Insect pests -- Control