Globalisation : a challenge to the Laos economy : a thesis submitted in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Public Policy at Massey University, New Zealand

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The concept of globalisation has spread through many countries. Considerable attention has been given to this area of public policy concerning globalisation. Free trade, an aspect of globalisation, is believed by some critics to be increasing the current economic element. The World Trade Organisation is among many organisations that represent and promote this ideology. This organisation provides guidelines and entry conditions that are required to be met. This thesis discusses the policies of Laos with respect to the WTO accession within the context of international trade and free market. The benefits, disadvantages and other globalisation issues are also considered. Laos as a least developing country has struggled in its pursuit to integrate with, and participate in free trade according to its objective of national development. This country lacks the human resources to face the tough competition in the global market. For Laos to succeed in entering free trade in the world arena, it has to consider multiple challenges. Failure may be possible due to the lack of experience when it comes to world trade and poor human resource management. The application of Laos to WTO has been prolonged due to a conscientious effort by the government to avoid unintended consequences. Globalisation has had direct effects on the world trading system and a country like Laos is unable to ignore the changes brought about by free trade. Laos also has economic ties with other countries and trade organisations and should they decide to participate in globalisation, Laos will be obliged to follow.
Economic development, World trade, Government policy, Laos government