Dataset comprising indices of healthy ageing among older New Zealand adults from the 2016-2018 waves of the Health, Work and Retirement longitudinal survey

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Alpass F
Stephens C
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This article describes data utilised in article C. Stephens, J. Allen, N. Keating, A. Szabó, F. Alpass, Neighborhood environments and intrinsic capacity interact to affect health related quality of life of older people in New Zealand, Maturitas 139 (2020) 1-5. Data represent self-report responses to a longitudinal postal survey of health and ageing in Aotearoa New Zealand, conducted as part of the Health, Work and Retirement study. Respondents were derived from a large random sample of older adults drawn from a nationally representative sampling frame. Data were collected in 2016 (n = 4029 respondents) and with follow-up conducted in 2018 (n = 3207 respondents from 2016 wave; 79.6% response rate). The dataset comprises responses from all participants in the 2016 survey wave, including those that did not meet criteria for inclusion in the research article. Additional data on sensory impairments, depression, health behaviours, material resources, survey design and response weights are included to facilitate future research. The data article presents tables charting the longitudinal indicators related to the WHO definition of Healthy Ageing collected in the 2016 and 2018 omnibus surveys and made available in the dataset, as well as indicating those to be assessed in the 2020 survey wave. As work is ongoing to identify key domains and indices of Healthy Ageing, provision of these data with relevant materials, metadata and analyses scripts support current research findings, and enable use of these data in future research.
Environments, Functional Ability, Healthy Ageing, Intrinsic Capacity, New Zealand
Data Brief, 2020, 31 pp. 105817 - ?