Processed egg supply chain integrity : a thesis submitted in fulfilment of the requirement for the degree of Master of Supply Chain Management at Massey University

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In modern industrialised society prepared meals and eating out of home is an increasing phenomenon. This develops new business opportunities for processed egg manufactures, since they need to create more convenience to the consumers through food that can be prepared in quantity and served quickly. However, the issue in distribution of temperature sensitive processed egg products is to store, handle and transport products to minimal supervision with keeping as much as possible of original quality and shelf life. This study adopts a quantitative approach in order to analyse the mediating factors of supply chain integration and collaborative advantage on processed egg product integrity. Using a New Zealand sample from egg processors, logistic companies, and product manufactures, this study examines the direct relationship between processed egg supply chain integration and product integrity. In addition, the direct relationship between supply chain integration, collaborative advantage and processed egg product integrity are also examined. Finally, study found that in New Zealand domestic market processed egg supply chain collaboration improve product integrity through supply chain integration. Moreover, study revealed that greater senior management support and favourable external dependencies offer the best setting for enhancing supply chain integration in practise. However, middle level managers and ground level workers showed least interest and understanding the benefits of greater supply chain integration on product integrity.
Egg products industry, Quality control, Business logistics, New Zealand, Research Subject Categories::TECHNOLOGY::Chemical engineering::Food technology