A Scholarly Review of Supply Chain Integration within the New Zealand Blueberry Industry

Ethics and credence attributes are the humanistic basis for establishing sustainable supply chain development. It determines brand reputation, ecology and customer experience. Furthermore, good ethics and credence Attributes promote the progress of industry leadership and increase the possibility of win-win strategies, especially in terms of negotiation. Negotiation is the premise of supply chain collaboration. The purpose of collaboration is to establish a synchronized supply chain to improve the ability of industry coordination. This is also the key to creating value, and the importance of risk management cannot be ignored. It is not only a guarantee for the smooth operation of the supply chain, but also an important measure to improve the flexibility of the supply chain. Finally, the results of supply chain integration need to rely on performance metrics and benchmarking to control and improve the overall performance of the supply chain. This publication evaluates modern theories in all these areas and contextualise it to the New Zealand blueberry industry. It is important that the reader appreciates the scholarly origin of this publication.
Blueberries, Business logistics, New Zealand