Parental considerations in the allocation of places at secondary colleges at form three level : an ethnographic study of the placement of fifty one children from state and private schools and the thoughts of their families before placement : presented... for a Masters Degree at Massey University

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The purpose of this educational research was to discover the relative influences of a child's family and the controlling educational authority upon the college placement of pupils and the degree to which this was related to family status and previous schooling. During the year preceding their entry to college, I interviewed fifty-one families of children in two Form Two classes. One class was chosen from a State school and the other from an Independent Anglican school. The ethnographic nature of the research was firmly placed in the Interpretative paradigm of the New sociology of Education. The families were questioned about their motivations for choosing a particular school and this information was related to the structural provision of educational facilities. The stated preferences and reasons were noted and related to an underlying theory of social class and status. The system of zoning within the Education Board area was considered in relation to the experiences of families from a range of social strata and the degree of importance that was placed upon the selection of college and the ultimate choice was seen in a context of a socially reproductive society.
New Zealand, Secondary education