Amputation without anaesthetic : 2004 Network Review : school and community reorganisation : a thesis submitted for the degree of Education doctorate at Massey University, Palmerston North, New Zealand

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This research investigated a 2004 Ministry of Education-led Education Development Initiative (EDI) known as the Network Review in one district from the perspective of board of trustees members, parents, teachers and students from one school using a case study approach. Focused interviews with participants and student groups were held on three separate occasions throughout 10 months of the reorganisation process. The interviews were analysed using content analysis and conclusions were reached using an inductive method of categorising. The findings indicate this reorganisation was far from realising the outcomes or benefits as predicted by the Ministry of Education. Student learning was not only jeopardised but student safety was also compromised in some settings indicating that there may be long-term implications for students as they express a reluctance to attend the new school, an increased sense of anomie and a lack of interest in learning. The reorganisation workload and stress reported by the BoT and teachers is significant and took a toll on personal wellbeing. The responsibility and workload far exceeded the expectation of the board of trustees as unpaid volunteers. The participants described the Ministry decision as "imposed" which failed to take into account the existing tensions within the community resulting in a sense of dissonance between government and community.
Organisational change in schools, Impacts of change